Welcome to EuPRA, the European Peace Research Association

EuPRA is one of the 5 regional organizations under the umbrella organization
International Peace Research Association (IPRA). These 5 organizations are:

 Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association (APPRA)

• Africa Peace Research and Education Association (AFPREA)

 European Peace Research Association (EUPRA)

• Latin American Peace Research Association (CLAIP)

 Peace and Justice Studies Association (North America).

In our page, you will find detailed information about the mission, history, membership,
board of EuPRA, links on peace research .

For a more detailed overview of the EuPRA’s vision, please read Message from the President.


You can follow EuPRA on social media as well:

Twitter: @euprapeace

Facebook: EuPRA

For more information on EuPRA and its activities, please contact the following addresses:

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The Centre for Peace Studies, UiT/The Arctic University of Norway

  Obituary for Steve Wright by Hendrik Bullens