European Peace Research Association (EuPRA) calls for its 11thBiennial Conference on 10-12 October 2019





Venue: Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Catania, Italy



 Keynote Speaker
Kirsi Henriksson


Kirsi Henriksson is the Director of the Crisis Management Centre (CMC}, Finland. After graduating from University of Tampere, Fi,  she has run several EU missions in crisis and conflict regions. She is also the head of the program "EU Civilian Missions - in theory and practice" where she teaches and trains on how to make EU missions more effective. 


Keynote Speaker
Mr. Jeffrey Labovitz 
IOM Director of Operations and Emergencies

Mr. Jeffrey Labovitz has served as the Director of the Department of Operations and Emergencies (DOE) at the International Organization for Migration’s  (IOM) HQs since August 2019. The Dpt leads all humanitarian and post crisis stabilization programming. DOE supports the Director General on IOM’s activities in response to Forced Migration and Humanitarian Crises, including emergency preparedness, crisis transition and recovery; land, property and reparations; refugee resettlement, migrant movement operations, and vulnerable groups on a local, regional and global scale. In a professional record that has spanned five continents Mr. Labovitch brings over 25 years of humanitarian and international development experience. He began his IOM career in 1996 as Country Representative for the Bosnian ‘Out of Country Voting Programme’. He has since been coordinating IOM’s responses to largescale emergencies – including conflicts and displacement in the Andaman Sea, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan; drought in the Horn of Africa; the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone; among others. Prior to DOE, he was IOM’s Regional Director for East and Horn of Africa for four years (and predecessor o Mohammed Abdiker, EuPRA’s keynote in Tromsö 2015). Mr. Labovitz was also IOM’s representative in Thailand, for South Central Europe, Regional Coordinator for the Western Newly Independent States, and Ukraine. Mr. Labovitz holds a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from the University of San Diego, USA; Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of California, USA and an International Diploma in Humanitarian Affairs (IDHA) from the Hunter Colleague City University in New York, USA.


Keynote Speaker
Rune Ottosen

Rune Ottosen (1950) is Professor emeritus in journalism at OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University. He has written extensively on press history and media coverage of war and conflicts. He is co-author with Stig Arne Nohrstedt of several books, the latest  New War, New Medis and New War Journalism (2014). In 2010 he was one of the editors and co-author of the four volume Norwegian Press History, Norsk Presses historie (1767-2010). Rune Ottosen was for many years president of the Norwegian Association of Press History (2009-2015) and was president of  The Norwegian Non-fiction Writers and Translator Association 2001-2005. He is a vicepresident of Norwegian PEN and a member of the Norwegian UNESCO-commisssion.




Current political developments in Europe and beyond are posing serious challenges to the kind of stability and peace that Europe long wished to see being established in its own region and in the world Not only the European peace project seems to be at risk but also peace in the world is facing difficult times. 


For Europe on the inside, political turmoil, populism, terrorism, forced migration, xenophia, growing economic inequality, climate change and an ongoing disintegration of the Western hegemony as well as an alienation from the seminal ideas that once were drivers of integration entail significant topics of debate for the political discourse and decision-making in the continent. Moreover, distrust towards Europe as a project both within and outside Europe, racist and right-wing populist movements, discourses and rhetoric are on the rise across the region, while respect for human dignity and human rights, the rule of law and other core values of Europe are increasingly neglected both on the political discourse and policy levels. 


On the outside, Europe is the only world power with a supranational structure, trying to find its voice and stance in a world where other world powers such as the US, Russia and China are increasingly hostile to one another.  In a world, where the US shows serious signs of isolationism at the cost of its long-time allies - first and foremost Europe -, where Russia reasserts itself in world politics with more and more confidence and where the role of China as the probable next superpower is discussed more than ever, Europe has the challenge of positioning itself in this new emerging world (dis)order as it tries to deal with the internal issues stated above. 


Given these many challenges, a strong, present, audible, vigorous, transnational and influential peace research and activist scene is direly needed. The European Peace Research Association (EuPRA) invites interested scholars and practitioners to address the mentioned problems with reference to sustainable peace. How can the centrifugal forces in Europe be contained? How can tensions be reduced? What can and should Europe do to uphold the ideal of sustainable peace within itself, with its neighbors and beyond? How can increasing militarization be replaced with disarmament? What needs to be done in view of a more just distribution of scarce resources? How can diverse forms of current peace work be integrated to achieve societal and political influence? 


We welcome all kinds of papers and presentations concerning peace in Europe and its neighbourhood. The following is a-non-exhaustive list of sub-themes of the conference (topics within the broad range of interdisciplinary issues relevant to peace research other than the ones stated below will be given consideration as well): 


  • Problems of forced migration, human mobility and borders
  • The role of political economics in contemporary social problems, especially inequality
  • The problem of populism in Europe and beyond
  • The role of peace journalism
  • The state of peace education
  • The problem of new arms races, unprecedented military spending and the need of disarmament and/or arms control
  • The role of peace activism
  • The state andfuture of European peace research


Interested participants have the option of suggesting new panels or sessions. Participants without a paper are also welcome to register.

Unfortunately, EuPRA is not able to offer any travel/participation grants to any of its participants. 

Submission of Abstracts:Abstracts for the EuPRA 2019 can be submitted by email. Please download the application form here, fill it in and send it to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Deadline for submitting the abstract is July 22nd 2019.  

Registration will be open from July 2019 on. Participation fee is 80 euros for early bird (by 30 September 2019) and 100 euros for regular registration. Registration dates, procedures and account details regarding EuPRA 2019 Conference will be announced on the EuPRA webpage in July 2019 as well as individually by email to participants whose abstracts have been accepted. 

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For more information, please see the EuPRA webpage or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We particularly want to encourage young students and scholars to submit a paper and join our organisation. To that purpose we are setting up a special section: EuPRA Jr.; details will be discussed in Catania.



Dr. Daniela Irrera, President-EuPRA

University of Catania, Sicily-Italy


Dr. Metin Ersoy, Secretary-EuPRA

Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus

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Conference Secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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