Vidar Vidar Vambheim is from Norway. He is a social scientist trained as a sociologist with a specialization on sociology of education. He has an MA in Sociology from University of Trondheim and has completed Ph.D courses in theory of science, research methods and theories of reproduction in educational studies. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Education and a resident scholar at the Centre for Peace Studies at the University of Tromsø, Norway. He is a member of the International Group on Reintegration (IRGR), an expert team on reintegration of ex-combatants. He received the U-Thant Peace Award in 2007 for a lifetime of dedication and world service.

His major areas of research are education, development and peace, conflict studies with a focus on assymetric conflicts, education,modernisation and conflict/peace.

His publications include:

Vambdheim, V. & Sommerfelt O. H. (2011). War on Terror(ism) – or dialogue? Security Dialogues 2011: no.2. Skopje: Department of Philosophy, University of Skopje, Macedonia.

Vambdheim, V.(2008). The Dream of the Good. A Peace Education Project exploring the potential to educate for peace at an individual level. Journal of Peace Education Vol 5 No. 1 2008, p. 79-96. Taylor and Francis.

Vambdheim, V. Future oriented identity construction among adolescents. How cultural context and community relations affects identity construction and perceived prospects of education and work among adolescents. Final Project Report. English version available on communication to the author.

Vambdheim, V. (2005). Student voices. A statistical analysis of student responses in the project “Future oriented Identity Construction amont adolescents.” Universitety of Tromso, Department of Education (available in Norwegian only).

Vambdheim, V. (2001). Gender bias in Education? Educational attainment of boys and girls in Norway. UniPed 2001(2):18-31. English version available on communication to the author.

Vambdheim, V. (1995) On transition from secondary to upper secondary education and work among 16-19 year-olds in Finnmark County, Norway. Institute of Social Science, Universitety of Tromso 1995. (available in Norwegian only).

Vambdheim, V.(1994) Drop in - drop out? On causes of student drop-out, and actions to prevent students from dropping out of upper secondary education. Conference Report, Alta, December 1994. (available in Norwegian only). Vadsø: Fylkesskolesjefen i Finnmark