Newsletter – December 2020

In this issue:

  • EuPRA’s New Website Launched
  • Call For Papers, EuPRA Conference 2022
  • Free Journal Issue for EuPRA Members
  • EuPRA Collaboration with Frank Möller & Rasmus Bellmer
  • News from members

EuPRA‘s New Website Launched

We are delighted to announce that on the 4th December, EuPRA launched its new website.
The fresh website represents our reinvigorated work on peace issues, as we look to collaborate with other individuals and organisations in Europe and beyond, confronting the challenges of war and violent conflict, both old and new, in the coming years.
The new vision and direction for the website was provided by board member Ilaria Tucci.

Regular updates will be provided on the website about upcoming events and news, while links can be found to the sites of our sister IPRA bodies, and other interesting peace resources.
There is also a developing section on the history of EuPRA and information on our past conferences.
Please encourage your friends, colleagues and students to visit our website and think about joining EuPRA. We have exciting plans for a conference hosted at the University of Tampere in 2021. As in Catania in 2019, we hope to have a diverse group of people in attendance, from across Europe and beyond.


Empowering Peace: The role of civil society in peacebuilding and conflict transformation
Location: Tampere University, Finland, mid-May 2022
Deadline for Abstracts: 15 December 2021
Send abstracts to: eupra[email protected]

In the last months we have faced a global challenge, which has forced all of us to think about the fragility of human lives and our social relationships. The Covid19 pandemic has tested economies and societies, and in many cases exacerbated inequalities and social injustices all around the world.

Unfortunately, we have been witnessing serious cases of violence, although civil society has reacted to this with strong peaceful determination. In such threatening and fragile times,  voices raised up worldwide in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has provided an exemplary case of global activism and support for human rights.

Borders in Europe were closed, for the first time after many decades of free mobility within its territories. Nationalisms raised their voices once again, trying to create more confusion in such delicate and vulnerable period. But solidarity resisted and showed up through innovative channels of communication, such as social media and online platforms.

We are resilient, we can adapt to difficult situations and find new solutions for new problems. The development of technologies have been crucial in these challenging times, also as a tool for supporting, promoting and making peace.

What are the lessons we have learnt from this pandemic situation? How can peace research contribute to understanding and transforming the new conflicts we are facing? What are the new power structures which are challenging peace in Europe? What is the role of civil society in relation to them? What are the obstacles to a more inclusive and diverse society, and in which ways can peace research contribute to understanding and removing them? How are new generations of scholars and activists tackling the challenges of our contemporary times?

We welcome all kinds of papers and presentations concerning peace in Europe and its neighbourhood. We especially seek to encourage new generations of peace scholars and activists to answer our call. We promote and encourage intersectionality, inclusion, diversity and equality as transversal topics and as practices for the next EuPRA conference.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of sub-themes of the conference that we are suggesting; topics within the broad range of interdisciplinary issues relevant to peace research other than the ones stated below will also be given consideration: 

  1. Mobility, Security and Borders
  2. Arts and Peace
  3. Nonviolence, activism and peace movements
  4. Sustainability, environment and peace
  5. Democratic participation, contestation movements and new forms of populism
  6. Global Health, Peace and Justice
  7. (New) media and peace
  8. Conflict transformation
  9. Feminist peace network
  10. Peace and technology
  11. Peace Education
  12. Disarmament and Peace


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EuPRA COLLABORATION WITH Frank Möller & Rasmus Bellmer

Frank Möller, longstanding supporter of EuPRA, and Rasmus Bellmer have initiated a new project called Image & Peace.

As stated on the project’s website:
‘We will publish on this website selected works of visual art, both solicited and unsolicited, on the subject of peace. We will also invite such academic contributions as commentary, reviews and short essays. Thus, addresses researchers, artists and everyone who wants to share thoughts and ideas on the question of how to build peace with images’.

EuPRA would like to associate itself with Frank and Rasmus’ new initiative, as an innovative area of peace research.

The main website address is:

News from Members

EuPRA President Daniela Irrera has won the IMPACT project prized from the ECPR Standing Group on Teaching and Learning Politics, for her Game of Peace simulation.

Any News?

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