EuPRA Newsletter June 2022

A message from EuPRA’s new president

Dear EuPRA members, it has been a pleasure to have met all of you (remotely and in-person) for our last EuPRA conference in Tampere, held 1-4 June 2022. It was indeed a wonderful conference! Despite the challenges in having so many online and hybrid sessions, we all shared a real success, with excellent presentations, keynotes and papers as well as lively Q&A, comments and discussions that continued during the coffee breaks, lunch hours and evenings.

The programme was partially an experiment of intergenerational co-creation, and I am confident in saying that it paid off in terms of outcomes, potential cooperation and dialogue that was initiated here in Tampere.

As host organizer of the EuPRA conference 2022, I want to thank the previous EuPRA board and TAPRI community for the trust and support in letting a “junior scholar” take care of such a large event. I also want to thank the amazing team who worked so hard on the conference – Bram De Smet, Anush Petrosyan, and the 15 volunteers – for their dedicated and competent engagement before and during the conference.

At the closing session of the conference, we shared the learned lessons and understood that, as peace researchers, we can still do a lot for peace. As well said by our beloved Unto Vesa:“This conference strengthens our hope and our confidence that peace research can have a bright future, that our work has meaning, and that we can change the world! A peaceful world is possible! We, as peace researchers, must do our share to make it a reality”.

At EuPRA’s conference in Catania in 2019, when I was elected board member, I promised to bring more junior scholars into the association. I feel that I have accomplished that first promise. As the new president of EuPRA, I feel honoured to have the richness and the joy of such a brilliant board and community to work with over the next two years. The new board is not only young but also represents the excellence of peace research in Europe.

Now we are ready to promote and encourage more activities in the time between the conferences. We will be supporting cooperation between institutions in terms of web/seminars, workshops and academic co-writing across Europe and beyond.  Being an arts-based peace researcher, I will be personally encouraging effective interdisciplinary blending; in the next two years, I hope to see more and more scholars from different disciplines finding their common ground and home under the shelter of peace research. Moreover, I wish for a more inclusive and nonviolent setting, where minorities, indigenous people and marginalised voices can gain more visibility within our association and activities.

Once again, I would like to keep on questioning – who is not present today? who is not represented in our work? what can we do, as peace researchers, to make this world a better place?

Ilaria Tucci, Tampere University



In memory of Olga Vorkunova

On 25th October 2021, after a short illness, EuPRA board member Olga Vorkunova passed away. Olga was a Senior Researcher at the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as being an Associate Professor at the Moscow State Linguistic University.

In the opening address at the Tampere conference, Unto Vesa made an emotional dedication to Olga, as we remembered her contribution to EuPRA, peace and peace research.

Outgoing EuPRA president Daniela Irrera has written the following dedication:Olga was a wonderful scholar, deeply involved in peace studies and immensely committed to research and public engagement. She was an eminent member of the IPRA and EuPRA and played an important role in the ISA Peace Research Committee. I learned a lot from her. She was a fine intellectual. She taught me how to make the right choices as President and how to engage in the peace studies community. She has always listened to me, replied to my messages, and supported my initiatives.I will immensely miss her smile, her calm attitude, and her graceful beauty. The whole peace studies community will suffer a giant loss, but, above all, I will miss a wonderful friend and a Mentor.The world is smaller and poorer without Olga, and we can only be grateful for having her.

Nils Vidar Vambheim has written:
Dr Vorkunova was a highly esteemed member of the European Peace Research Association Board, as well as the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Council. She was also the Executive Secretary of IPRA’s Peace Education Commission (PEC).  She was well versed in theories of peace and of peace mediation and had adapted Johan Galtung’s peace theories and Transcend Method of peace mediation to conflicts in Russia and the Post-Soviet space. Olga also organized “Winter School” events in Pskov, Russia, where she invited peace researchers to teach students about peace research and peace education. She had a comprehensive network of contacts in Europe and Central Asia and did peace and mediation courses directed to mediate conflicts in Caucasia.

Olga was very devoted to peace and peace research and was also a great bridge builder between Russian and Western peace researchers. For the last 12 months, Olga had been working tirelessly to convene a Peace Education Conference (online) in Moscow, planned to be held on October 27-29 2021.



Welcome to the new EuPRA board

In the midst of our vibrant and engaging conference panels and discussions, on Thursday 2nd June, during the general meeting of members, the new board of EuPRA was elected (pictured above).  The previous members Ilaria, Stephanie and Craig are very excited to welcome five new representatives to the board.

From left to right are: Anush Petrosyan (On Screen), Craig Brown, Jusaima Moaid-azm Peregrina, Ilaria Tucci (President), Bram De Smet, Leena Vastapuu, Stephanie Thiel, Iiris Niemelä (Secretary).

For more information about the board members, click here.

A special thank you to the outgoing board members:
  • Daniela Irrera (University of Catania) served as president of EuPRA from 2017-2022, steering the board through the challenging pandemic period.
  • Unto Vesa (Emeritus, Tampere Peace Research Institute) is a founding member of EuPRA and has served as the treasurer of the association.
  • Vidar Vambheim (University of Tromsø) has served on the EuPRA board for eight years. Both Unto and Vidar continue to represent Europe on the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) governing council.Metin Ersoy (Eastern Mediterranean University)has been EuPRA’s secretary since 2013. 
  • They will continue to guide and inspire the new board of EuPRA!



Call for papers

Feminist Matterings

“The role(s) of women in diasporic mobilization: A feminist peace research perspective”, as part of the Feminist Matterings conference, Oulu, 30th November – 2nd December 2022.

All papers dealing with diasporic mobilization/activism, women and/or gender are more than welcome. The panel is hybrid so you can participate from wherever you are.

Submission deadline is 15th June 2022

PRIS Conference 2022

“Peace and Conflict in a Changing Security Environment” Stockholm, 17–18 November

We welcome paper proposals on topics related to research on peace and conflict, broadly defined. These may include, but are not limited to: gender, peace, and security; climate and conflict; peace and peacebuilding; urban violence and civil resistance; international security; crisis management; democracy, governance, and political violence; conflict processes; negotiation and mediation; war and society; peacekeeping and intervention.

Submission deadline is 23rd June 2022

Kosmopolis (in Finnish)

Call for journal articlesfor the thematic issue of Kosmopolis (in Finnish) on ‘Cities, Peace and Politics’

Submission deadline is 15th August 2022

IPRA Newsletter

We invite you to submit items to be included in the IPRA Newsletter, Vol. 12 No. 02 2022 (July 2022).
The Newsletter welcomes:

    • Brief articles that highlight peace research or current issues on peace related topics [Maximum: 500 words, Up to 3 photos]
    • Highlights and announcements of IPRA Commissions’ activities and projects. [Spotlight on IPRA Commissions]
    • Announcements of publishing opportunities, calls for papers or presentations at peace-related conferences, job openings, grant or project opportunities which may be of interest or benefit to IPRA members [Maximum: 100 words per item]
    • Announcements of scholarships, research or teaching fellowships, service-learning projects pertinent to peace research, peace studies, peace education, and affiliated peace topics. [Maximum: 100 words per item]
    • Brief abstracts or references to recently published books or journal articles [Maximum: 100 words per item]
    • Please submit your article and other text as Microsoft Word [.doc or .docx] format attachment via email to [email protected] by 25 June 2022.

Thank you for your interest in IPRA and its activities, and your commitment and work for peace.

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