Daniela Irrera

Daniela Irrera (PhD in International Relations, University of Catania) is Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Catania, where she serves as Erasmus Coordinator and Deputy Director for Internationalisation and Research. 
She is currently serving as Secretary General of the Italian Political Science Association (SISP), member of the ISA Governing Council, Chair of the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations, associate editor of the Journal of Contemporary European Studies, editor in chief of International and Political Studies (INTERPOLIS) and Visiting Professor of Political Violence and Terrorism at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek.

Metin Ersoy

Dr. Metin Ersoy is from North Cyprus. He has earned his BA, MA and Ph.D degrees from Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, North Cyprus. He is currently an Associate Professor of Journalism at Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, in Eastern Mediterranean University. Since 2012, he is secretary of European Peace Research Association (EuPRA) and 50th Istanbul conference organizing committee of International Peace Research Association (IPRA).

Olga Vorkunova

Olga Vorkunova (PhD in History) is Associate Professor of Regional Studies at the Department of Regional Studies, Institute of International Relations and Social and Political Sciences, Moscow State Linguistic University, Senior Researcher, Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences. She is Associate Professor at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation University. She was member of the ISA Governing Council and IPRA Council.

Stephanie Thiel

Ms. Stephanie Thiel is from Germany where she is working as an education officer in a project against right-wing extremism. Besides she is working on her PhD thesis which explores how news frames of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict possibly influence anti-Semitic and/or anti-Islamic attitudes. In addition, she has been working as a Visiting Lecturer at the International Graduate School Zittau since 2012. She holds a Diploma in Psychology and a Master of Arts in International Criminology, both from Hamburg University.

Unto Vesa

Mr. Unto Vesa is from Finland and is an Emeritus Research Fellow at TAPRI (Tampere Peace Research Institute), Tampere University. He has a MA degree at the University of Helsinki in Political Science and IR (1967), and he worked as lecturer of IR at the University of Tampere. He had been active in TAPRI as research fellow, senior research fellow and executive secretary (1972-2011). He has served as EuPRA’s President in 2000-2004, as the President of Finnish Peace Research Association for several periods, and as IPRA’s Council member (2000-2012 and 2016-2018). In 1971-1990 he was the managing editor of TAPRI’s international journal Current Research on Peace and Violence. In the 1970s he was a member of Finland’s delegation to the UN General Assembly in four autumns.

Nils Vidar Vambheim

Nils Vidar Vambheim is Associate Professor at the Department of Education at the Arctic University of Norway. He holds a PhD in Education, with a focus on peace education. He was one of the initiators to, as well as the first director of the Centre for Peace Studies at the Arctic University of Norway. He is a member of two research groups at the Arctic University of Norway: War and Peace Dynamics and Intercultural Relations in Education (ICRED). Professor Vambheim has received the U-Thant Peace Award for a lifetime of dedication and world service.

Ilaria Tucci

Ilaria Tucci is a theatre practitioner (MA in acting) and peace scholar (BA, MA in Peace Studies). During the last ten years, she has been developing her own applications of theatre as a tool of dialogue among people, participation, peacebuilding and empowerment. Since January 2013, Ilaria has been living in Tampere, and now she is a PhD candidate at the Tampere University (TAU) in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program with arts-based research which combines ethnography, applied theatre and peace research.

Craig Brown

Craig Brown (PhD in International Politics, Leeds Beckett University) is currently a freelance researcher. He acts as an assistant editor and book review editor for the Journal of Resistance Studies, as well as an editor for the Resistance Studies page on WagingNonviolence.org. Craig’s recent research projects have focused on nonviolent and unarmed resistance in West Asia and North Africa, as well as Europe.