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After productive and intensive panels and discussions in EuPRA, we know that you might want to explore the Finnish leisure activities. Have you also been wondering what Tampere has to offer in your free time?

On this page, we have compiled and categorized the most well-known leisure activities and attractions in Tampere that might help you get a better understanding of how one can pause and recharge in Finland.

While exploring your options for leisure, please keep in mind that we will have a group of locals in Tampere who will guide you one of the evenings here, about which we will update you later as part of the programme.


As you might have heard, Finland is a country of a thousand lakes. Moreover, Finland is the world’s most forested country as about 70% of the land is covered with trees. You might be correct now by guessing that nature plays a huge role in the everyday lives of those residing in Finland. Here, everyone is free to roam and should have access to the pearls of nature regardless of who owns the area.

Besides the two biggest lakes in Tampere, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, there are also hundreds of smaller lakes, and almost on every lake, you can find a beach to swim in. Here are our picks for lakes and beaches that we suggest you try out.

Visit Tampere, Onkiniemi Beach Näsijärvi Lake Summer Drone View, Laura Vanzo
Visit Tampere, Onkiniemi Beach Näsijärvi Lake Summer Drone View, Laura Vanzo


Pyynikki and Tahmela

The Pyynikki swimming beach is on the shore of Pyhäjärvi lake. It is in the middle of the beautiful Pyynikki forest, one of the most beautiful parts of the city. It is not far from the centre, easily accessible by local transportation, but you can also walk there. While the Pyynikki beach is more known as a destination for young people, if you are coming with families and children, we recommend checking out the Tahmela beach, which is more considered and widely attended by families. To get to Tahmela beach, you can take bus N10.

Addresses: Pyynikki beach is in Jalkasaarentie 7 – Tahmela beach is in Tahmelankatu 25


One of the other well-known beaches in Tampere is Rauhaniemi swimming beach, which is located on the shore of Lake Näsijärvi. The Rauhaniemi beach is also known because of the public sauna that many locals use to relax. This part of the city is well-known for its harmonious and peaceful energy, as is reflected in the name of the neighbourhood. Rauhaniemi is the peninsula of peace, with rauha meaning peace and niemi translating into English as peninsula.

Address: Rauhaniementie 23 (you can reach here by bus N2)


The beach in Kaupinoja, not too far from the centre, is another worthwhile option to consider if you are looking for a smaller and quieter spot in town. Kaupinoja is part of the beautiful forest of Kauppi, where in winter, many sports are organized. This beach is also recommended because there is a public sauna that could keep you warm if the weather gets cooler.

Address: Kaupinpuistokatu 2

Viikinsaari Island

The Viikinsaari Island is only a 20-minute boat ride away from the Tampere city centre. It is a perfect destination for spending a summer day away from the city. A boat service to the island is available at the beginning of June, and departures take place from Laukontori harbour on the hour.

You can buy tickets and see the summer program following this link.

Visit Tampere Tampereen Kaupunki Reuharinsaaret Drone View, Laura Vanzo
Visit Tampere Tampereen Kaupunki Reuharinsaaret Drone View, Laura Vanzo

Parks in Tampere

Living in Tampere partially means living in and around nature. There are parks and forests around us all year long and nature is charming here in each season differently.

Some of the most famous parks in Tampere are Koskipuisto, Hämeenpuisto, Eteläpuisto Sorsapuisto, Näsinpuisto, and Hämeenpuisto. The latter is the city’s boulevard, hosting various events during summer, and this is where the main library of the city is located, which offers services on three floors with a wide range of collections, computers, a music department, a newsroom and a café.

We also recommend checking out Hatanpää arboretum, Pyynikki and Kauppi areas, which are favorites for many locals and visitors who enjoy walking, jogging, meditating or simply being in nature.

If you visit Pyynikki make sure to check out the city from the Pyynikki observation tower and enjoy the most delicious doughnuts in Tampere (munkki) in the Pyynikki Coffee Shop.

Saunas in Tampere

When one searches for facts about Finland, it is very often possible to come across the fact that there are over 2 million registered saunas in the country and Tampere is known as the capital of saunas hosting the oldest public sauna in Finland. Do not miss this section if you want to experience one of the most Finnish activities.

Visit Tampere Pispala, Laura_Vanzo
Visit Tampere Pispala, Laura_Vanzo

The Rajaportti sauna, located in beautiful Pispala, was built in 1906, and it is the oldest public sauna still in use in Finland. Although the Rajaportti sauna does not have access to the lake, the beauty of the Pispala neighbourhood will ensure your satisfaction with the visit. Pispala is one of the best-known parts of the city due to its historical importance and magnificent views of the two main lakes in Tampere. You can have a sunny summer evening walk in the Pispala neighbourhood and conclude your day visiting the sauna.

The Rauhaniemi public sauna is located by one of the biggest lakes in the city, Näsijärvi, where you can get an experience of both the sauna and swimming.  To experience another sauna legend in Tampere, check out the Experiential Kaupinoja’s sauna, which also allows you to swim in the Näsijärvi lake.

Flavours of Tampere

If you are among people who find gastro-tourism as one of the most efficient ways of discovering cultures, then the first place to start in Tampere is by visiting the local market hall located in the heart of the city centre. The local market in Tampere is the largest Market Hall in the Nordics, which offers the local taste of Tampere to all its visitors. Here you can find fresh and local delicacies such as fish, meat, cheese and vegetables, warm buns, and pastries.

Visit Tampere Kauppahalli, Laura Vanzo
Visit Tampere Kauppahalli, Laura Vanzo

For an open-air market, we suggest that you look into Tammelantori, which is a perfect spot to get fresh fruits and products, and a cup of morning coffee before the conference programme starts. The established start of the day for most of the merchants is 6 am.

For more places where you can find local flavours, we recommend checking out the following page on Visit Tampere official website.

To learn more about the legendary restaurants in Tampere, check out the following link.

Live Music in Tampere

Being immersed in music is an important aspect of life for many locals. In Tampere, many places offer gigs with free entrance or with affordable tickets, which speak about the importance of culture and music in city life. Below we are offering a list of favourite places where you can spend a restful evening with live music in an authentic environment.

You can also check out Visit Tampere’s event calendar, which has various categories for events in and around Tampere. The calendar is a helpful tool for searching for events and activities by offered categories and within a specific timeframe.

Museums and Art

Did you know that Tampere is the only city that hosts a Moomin museum in the world? Besides, Tampere has different kinds of museums, and everyone can find one that they will love!

Visit Tampere Vapriikki, Laura Vanzo
Visit Tampere Vapriikki, Laura Vanzo

The official website of Visit Tampere lists the museums in the Tampere region to choose from.

To explore more opportunities for artistic experiences, galleries and museums, you can look through the pages of Visit Tampere Official, where you can find a variety of interesting museums and exhibitions taking you through time, from historical exhibitions to modern art and installations.

Architecture in Tampere

If you want to explore the architecture of Tampere and reveal the connection between place and design and understand the physical environment in which people in Tampere live and create, we recommend having a walking tour and passing through the pearls of architecture in Tampere. As part of the trip, we recommend having the following sites in your plan:

Tampereen tuomiokirkko

The Tampere Cathedral (Tampereen tuomiokirkko) is a 20th-century Lutheran church built between 1902 and 1907. It serves as the seat of the Diocese of Tampere and received the name of a Cathedral in 1923 after the bishop’s seat was moved to Tampere. The cathedral is known for its frescoes painted by Hugo Simberg. The altarpiece was painted by Magnus Enckell.

Visit Tampere Drone View of Tuomiokirkko Cathedral, Laura Vanzo
Visit Tampere Drone View of Tuomiokirkko Cathedral, Laura Vanzo

Kalevan kirkko

The Kaleva parish was established in 1953, but it did not have a church of its own, which was consecrated only in 1966. The church was designed by architects Reima Pietilä and Raili Pietilä (former Paatelainen). The Tampere church is one of the examples of modern architectural style. It is one of the most unique churches in Finland and one of the most known sites in Tampere.

Tampere Orthodox Church

The Tampere Orthodox Church (also known as the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas) was built between 1896 and 1899 to the design of the Russian military architect T. U. Yazukov. It is located in the heart of Tampere, east of Tammerkoski. The church is cross-shaped and represents Neo-Byzantine church architecture.

The Metso Library

The Main Library in Tampere is located on the corner of Hameenpuisto park and Pirkankatu street. It was opened to the public in 1986 and is in itself a work of art. While from the street, it is not as easy to recognize the shape of the building; but from above, the shape is clear. It represents a capercaillie, metso in Finnish.


Pikkupalatsi, or the Little Palace, is a spectacular building that was built in 1898. It is located in Hämeenpuisto, not far from the main library. Currently, the building serves as a venue for anniversaries, business meetings, and other events. It also has sauna facilities and a swimming pool.

Fire station and Monitoimitalo

Visit Tampere Fire Station, Laura_Vanzo
Visit Tampere Fire Station, Laura_Vanzo

The Tampere Central Fire Station is located at Satakunnankatu 16, on the eastern shore of Tammerkoski. It was completed in 1908. Architect Wivi Lönn designed the fire station building, which has an Art Nouveau-style. Similarly, the old business school and current-day Monitoimitalo (community center) was designed by Wivi Lönn, who was the first woman to be awarded the honorary title of ““Professo”” by the Finnish Association of Architects. These 100-year-old pair of monuments, the Fire station and Monitoimitalo are rare gems in the centre of Tampere, which we recommend paying attention to as part of the exploration of Tampere.

Tampere City Hall

Finally, we believe you will come across the Tampere City Hall more than once in your stay in Finland. This stunning neo-renaissance style building is located on keskustori (the central square). It was designed by Georg Schreck and completed in 1890.





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