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Reaching Tampere from Finnish cities and abroad is easy thanks to the wide range of transportation options available. In this section, you can find information about transportation and infrastructures that would safely bring you to Tampere.

You can arrive in Tampere by taking a flight to Tampere-Pirkkala airport or by bus or train if your flight arrives at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, which is the more popular airport for international travel.

How to get to Tampere from Tampere-Pirkkala airport?

Visit Tampere, Laura Vanzo
Visit Tampere, Laura Vanzo

The Tampere-Pirkkala airport is located 17 kilometers from the city centre. You can reach the city centre of Tampere by bus and taxi (airport taxi or normal taxi). There is also a car rental available.

Address of the airport: Tornikaari 50, 33960 Pirkkala

Taking Bus 103

Bus 103 runs daily between Tampere-Pirkkala Airport and Tampere and stops and picks up passengers in front of terminals 1 and 2. The route passes through the train station and bus station in the city centre. The line has connections for both departing and arriving flights. You can learn more about the schedule of the bus through the following link: Schedule of Bus 103

Taking a Taxi

At the airport, there is a taxi rank in front of Terminal 1 and a free phone for calling a taxi (in case there are no taxis available). The trip to/from the centre costs approximately 50 euros, somewhat more at weekends and nights.

There are several companies in Tampere offering taxi services:

Car rental

There are car rental services available at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport (terminal 1). Below you can find the websites of those car rentals linked for your convenience:

How to get to Tampere from Helsinki-Vantaa airport?

If your flight arrives at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you can continue your travel to Tampere from there by bus or train. The distance between the airport and Tampere is approximately 170km.

Your travel from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Tampere by train

To travel easily from the Helsinki airport, we recommend taking a train to Tampere via Tikkurila. At the airport, the train station is located in connection with the hall of arrivals. You can take an elevator or an escalator to the lower floor of the train station.

Visit Tampere, Laura Vanzo
Visit Tampere, Laura Vanzo

You can get train tickets directly through the website of VR Ltd Finnish Railways ahead of your travel or use vending machines inside the airport. Please make sure to book tickets from and to Helsinki Airport and not Helsinki, if you want to take a train directly from the airport. The Railway Waiting Room is open 24 h daily.

Your travel from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Tampere by bus

If you prefer travelling by bus, there are versatile connection options available.

One of the inter-city bus operators in Finland is OnniBus.com. You can find tickets available on their website www.onnibus.com.

For bus and coach services in Finland, you can also look into the website of Oy Matkahuolto Ab.  Single tickets can be purchased quickly and easily from the online shopmobile app and Matkahuolto service outlets.


Below we are offering a list of recommended hotels and sites where you can search for accommodation in Tampere.

  1. Scandic Hotelshttp://www.scandichotels.com (use the EuPRA discount code you received as part of the acceptance email).
    • Scandic Tampere City
    • Scandic Tampere Station
  1. Sokos Hotelssokoshotels.fi/ (use the EuPRA discount code you received as part of the acceptance email).
    • Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere
  1. Omena hotels – https://www.omenahotels.com/en/hotels/tampere-en/
  2. Dream Hostel (hostel, hotel, apartments) https://www.dreamhostel.fi/en/front-page/

You can also look through the following websites to assist your search for accommodation in Tampere.


To get acquainted with the city of Tampere, we suggest you look through the Visit Tampere official webpage, which will help you explore the city online from wherever you are and get acquainted with what the city has to offer prior to your arrival. It can also serve as a guide for you during your stay in Tampere as it gives important tips and guidance from practical issues such as transportation matters to cultural activities, and from questions related to accommodation in Tampere to suggestions of activities in the nature.


Going to places and finding your way in Tampere is not a difficult task. Most of the places are located within walking distance of the city, but if you prefer to get to your destination faster, there are alternative means of transportation. The infrastructure is well planned, and transportation functions smoothly in Tampere. Public transportation is run by Nysse, which has a comprehensive selection of bus lines and a newly built tram line, which started functioning in August 2021. There are a variety of ways of paying for your trip: mobile ticket, contactless payment on the bus/tram and travel card. You can also buy a ticket at the sales point 90 minutes before your trip.

Visit Tampere Hämeenpuisto Tramway Drone Views, Laura Vanzo
Visit Tampere Hämeenpuisto Tramway Drone Views, Laura Vanzo

Nysse also offers a rental of city bikes, which can ease getting around in Tampere, at the same time allowing you to breathe fresh air and enjoy the summer warmth of the city. Tampere is a bike-friendly city with special lanes for cycling alongside the sidewalk. Registration and payment for the city bikes are handled through the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application, which you can download either on Google Play or App Store.

There is also a possibility of renting scooters in Tampere, which is becoming more and more popular every year. You can rent scooters either via Tier or Voi scooter apps.

If you are looking for taxi services to get around in Tampere, we suggest looking into the following options:

Car rental services are also available in Tampere if you want to make the logistics of moving around easier. For car rentals, check the websites below.

Parking in Tampere might be troublesome in areas where major constructions are ongoing. You can use the parking map of Tampere to ease the search for parking spaces.






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