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Hello! We're EuPRA!

EuPRA is a non-profit organization, legally constituted on December 1st 1990 to pursue scientific purposes. The purpose of the organization is to advance interdisciplinary research into the causes of war and conditions of peace. It undertakes measures of international cooperation to assist the advancement of peace research. To achieve these purposes EuPRA engages with other European organisations, as well as UN agencies. 

The essential functions of the European Peace Research Association are to provide a permanent European forum for peace researchers, to stimulate and promote national and international research and education relating to the pursuit of peace, to facilitate contacts between scholars throughout Europe and to encourage the international dissemination of information on peace research and its results. To achieve these ends the Association organizes conferences and seminars of its own as well as in cooperation with other academic institutions, especially its umbrella universal organization, the International Peace Research Association (IPRA). EuPRA is one of the 5 regional Peace Research Associations within the IPRA framework. 

EuPRA conferences are held biannually, in between IPRA conferences and are open to all scholars of peace research from Europe or scholars from other parts of the world who carry out peace research on issues related to Europe. As such, EuPRA gathers together several peace researchers from various countries in conferences and membership.