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Individual membership

Based on Article 4 of the EuPRA statutes, individuals, institutions, and corporations can become members of EuPRA. 

EuPRA membership is open to all peace researchers, activists, educators, practitioners, and artists through a membership fee.

To register as an institution or a corporation, please use the contact form for more information.

Paying members will receive:

  • A discount on attending paid events and bi-annual conferences
  • Access to the Journal of Resistance Studies worth $170US.
  • The right to vote in EuPRA Board elections and the right to run for election (board member/president).

Membership fees are valid for two years and are calculated according to the country's income.

 High-income CountriesLow-income Countries
Employees (incl. retired persons) 60 Euro30 Euro
Students 30 Euro15 Euro


Paying membership fees


  1. If you wish to become a member, please create an account on the EuPRA website here.
  2. Then please proceed with a bank transfer to:

    Name: European Peace Research Association     
    Account: FI53 5731 8220 0435 72     
    Message: Membership fees for [your name]
  3. Please send us an email at [email protected] informing us of your payment. Be sure to mention the name you used in the transfer message.
  4. Your membership starts on the day we receive your membership fees and is valid for two full years.
    • You will receive an email on accessing the Journal for Resistance Studies for as long as your membership lasts.
    • Your membership status will be reflected in the online payment system once available. This will automatically reflect the discount you are entitled to when registering for events and conferences.