The EuPRA Statute, in its Article 5, states that:

The founding members of EuPRA are those present at the founding meeting. Further members are admitted by the Board on grounds of their peace research record. Corporate members can be admitted. Contributions from members may be monetary or through services rendered to EuPRA. The General Conference may recommend an annual contribution from members.

Individual and Corporate membership

Based on this article, individuals and corporations can become members of EuPRA. EuPRA is open to all European peace researchers and institutes with a voluntary membership fee. 

Paid membership for two years is paid according to country income.

  High-income Countries Low-income Countries
Employees (incl. retired persons)  60 Euro 30 Euro
Students  30 Euro 15 Euro

If you wish to become a member, please fill in the form below or send your name, affiliation and a short paragraph about yourself in an email to the address: [email protected]

Those who wish to become members can make their voluntary donations to the following account:

Name: European Peace Research Association
Account: FI53 5731 8220 0435 72

Any additional information you wish to provide