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Minutes of the EuPRA Board Meeting of 4 February 2022

19:40-21:00 (EET)


  • Ilaria Tucci 
  • Craig Brown 
  • Jusaima Moaid-Azm Peregrina 
  • Bram J De Smet 
  • Stephanie Thiel 
  • Iiris Niemelä


  • Anush Petrosyan 
  • Leena Vastapuu


  1. Ilaria started the meeting at 19:40.
  2. The legal status of EuPRA was discussed. Jusaima proposed several options on Slack:

    1. To re-establish EuPRA in Spain. 
    2. To re-establish EuPRA in Finland and later have delegations in other European countries. 
    3. Re-establishing EuPRA in three European countries to build up a federation.

    After the discussion, the board decided to proceed with the option of re-establishing EuPRA in Finland.

    The option of federation raised scepticism as it would have two crucial issues. Firstly, the federation model would have a risk of getting fragmented with varying levels of activities and finances. The second issue concerns practicality, as it would require much more effort. Ilaria suggested that in the statute it should be mentioned that the association operates in several countries so that if the delegations are decided to establish, later on, it would be possible.  

    RY in Finland means the registered association. If EuPRA wants to be a legal entity in Finland, the board needs to apply to become RY. At the time of registration, the field of activity will be specified. There will be a 50€ fee for applying. The next issue to be solved is to figure out what kind of annual management issues there are for the registered associations. Also, the question of whether we can keep the same bank account was raised. Iiris will research these issues and have a meeting with the bank. The board members will read the statutes to propose changes in a shared file. Changes should be proposed by the 15th of September. Jusaima and Anush (?) will take care of collecting the comments and rewriting the statutes. Changes should be made by the end of September. There was a proposal to pay someone to take care of the paperwork.

    Stephanie will research what it takes to dissolve an association in Germany. She will keep sharing the information on Slack.

  3. The board members agree to move EuPRA’s property to the new EuPRA.
  4. Volunteering policies. There are the following points to consider: what is the vision for volunteering? What tasks and responsibilities there are? How many volunteers? How are they recruited? If they will not be in the board meetings, should some people be responsible for guiding them? Would there be additional meetings? The policy paper for volunteers should be an external document. There is a Slack channel for volunteer policies as well. The volunteers could be presented on the EuPRA website.
  5. The publication for Politiikasta. Emily (volunteer) will be responsible for the article. Perhaps other Master Students from the EuPRA conference 2022 volunteers’ group will help her in writing the article.  If not accepted for publication in Politiikasta, the article could be published in another journal as well. Craig could try to circulate it around.
  6. In the special issue of the Journal of Resistance Studies – Ilaria and Graig will continue to coordinate. Sabeth (volunteer) could help with the article. Peace, arts, and resistance could be the title of the special issue, which makes it possible to look for people who attended the conference.
  7. Content for the newsletter should be sent to Craig. It will be sent out by the end of August/beginning of September. Two of the board members could be presented.
  8. Jusaima’s proposals – first steps to be taken. There is an ongoing process of mapping the peace institutes. There was a proposal to reach out to the sister associations to collaborate. There will also be a joint letter with IPRA considering the institutional membership.  
  9. Funding opportunities such as the Nordisk Kulturfond – Globus call. There was a proposal for approaching this with an artistic profile connecting people combining arts and peace. EuPRA can apply as a group. The deadline for applying is on the 3rd of October. Stephanie could make a draft of the application with Ilaria, Jusaima, and Leena.