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Minutes of the EuPRA Board Meeting of 19 October 2022

20:00-21:30 (EET)


  • Ilaria Tucci
  • Craig Brown 
  • Jusaima Moaid-Azm Peregrina
  • Bram J De Smet 
  • Stephanie Thiel
  • Anush Petrosyan 
  • Leena Vastapuu
  • Iiris Niemelä 




  1. Ilaria started the meeting at 20.10
  2. Jusaima introduced the map of the necessary steps for registering EuPRA in Finland and the Google Docs for the revised statutes. The board agrees that the English statutes on the website include the history of the association, but the Finnish statutes should be kept as simple as possible. Jusaima asked the board to go through the items marked in red on the map. Jusaima has written some propositions on the statutes. She also asked the board to consider and comment on the members' liabilities and whether the volunteers could be included as members. 
  3. The steps required for registering
    1. Three people with Finnish social security numbers file the notification online (Ilaria, Bram, and Iiris)
    2. Ilaria and Iiris are the people enabled to sign for the association
    3. Filling the charter (template, which Iiris translated for the board) and the rules (mandatory provisions, section 8 in the map)  
    4. Iiris needs to contact PRH about the ordinary meeting procedures, and how to mention the elections.
    5. We need to nominate someone as an auditor. 
    6. Need for applying for the special rule of the president not being obliged to be a resident of Finland. 
    7. Board agreed that the accounting period is the calendar year
    8. Paying the fee for filing the notification, which is 250 euros. 
  4. Bram raised the question of making online payments easier. He is also working on the new EuPRA website and includes the possibility of making the payment directly there. 
  5. Ilaria asked whether to send a joint email with IPRA to institutions to become our members. The board agreed that EuPRA needs to clarify its legal status before this type of collaboration. EuPRA will send an email independently.
  6. Ilaria reminded the board that IPRA’s submission deadline is October 31st, and she is willing to present EuPRA there.
  7. Iiris will update the organization profile in the Yearbook of International Organizations. 
  8. The following newsletter will be sent out in December. Jusaima and Iiris will write presentations about themselves for it.
  9. Ilaria asked to circulate the call for papers for the Special Issue with the JRS. There are two proposals and a peer reviewer/editor.