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Minutes of the EuPRA Board Meeting of 14 February 2023

18:30-19:15 (EET)


  • Anush Petrosyan
  • Bram J De Smet
  • Iiris Niemel√§
  • Ilaria Tucci
  • Leena Vastapuu


  • Craig Brown
  • Jusaima Moaid-Azm Peregrina
  • Stephanie Thiel


  1. The meeting started at 18:40, Iiris went through the missing parts from the Finnish and English statutes, which were the following:
    1. Choosing the accounting period of 12 months: the board agreed on the accounting period to start from March until the end of February. 
    2. Deputy board members: the board agreed to have a deputy president, which will be chosen amongst the board members after the registration process is ready. 
    3. The board agreed that the member associations and organizations have one vote as an entity.
    4. Signatory rights: Ilaria and Iiris are enabled to sign for the association, each individually. The deputy President has the right to sign in case of the president's incapacity or if otherwise authorized by the President. 
  2. The board agreed that the statues are ready with the abovementioned modifications. Iiris will move on with the registration application. 
  3. The board suggested that the General Conference would be kept annually, one year in person, and  another online. Bram will create Eventbrite events through which people will get the zoom link.
  4. The board agreed to post a statement on Turkey and Syria's earthquake with a donation fundraising to the Finnish Red Cross. The question of whether EuPRA could donate as well was raised. Previous experiences in similar situations will be asked from Stephanie. 
  5. Iiris will make a poll on Slack on the best possible times for the next board meeting to go through other issues.