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Statement: Türkiye / Syria earthquake

The devastation caused by the recent earthquake that has hit both Türkiye and Syria has left us heartbroken. We cannot ignore the immense loss of life and the vast homelessness due to the destruction of infrastructure and housing. Our thoughts are with those in all areas affected by the earthquake, and we send our condolences to those who are coping with the tragic loss of loved ones.

To help the rescue actions, provide medical aid to the wounded, and help those who have become homeless, we call on the UN, intergovernmental bodies, and governments to step up their efforts. More than words, an increase in emergency donations and free movement of aid and first responders are needed. For many people in the affected area, this tragedy comes on top of displacement and an ongoing violent conflict. Hence, this should be made without delay, politicization or discrimination.

To help out, EuPRA is collecting donations to the Finnish Red Cross' Disaster Relief Fund. You can donate towards the cause here:

The EuPRA Board