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Newsletter April 2023
EuPRA's New Legal Status

The European Peace Research Association is now a legal entity in Finland. 

This is a big step forward in the administration of EuPRA, making our association's activities easier in the coming years. The efforts particularly of EuPRA secretary Iiris Niemelä and president Ilaria Tucci are much appreciated in realising this. 

EuPRA Special Issue of the Journal of Resistance Studies: Peer Reviewers Required

Call for Papers: Arts, Peace and Resistance  
Edited by Ilaria Tucci, Sabeth Kessler and Craig S. Brown

The European Peace Research Association, in cooperation with the Journal of Resistance Studies (JRS), had a very successful call for papers for the special issue on arts, peace and resistance.

We are now looking for peer reviewers for the next stage of the process, who can carry out reviews from mid-April to the end of June.

If you are interested in being a peer reviewer, please send an email to the editors of the issue: Ilaria Tucci [email protected], Sabeth Kessler [email protected], Craig S. Brown [email protected] 

Important Dates

  • Submission of final papers by authors: 15 April 2023 
  • Peer reviewed comments returned to author(s): 30 June 2023 
  • Final deadline for changes by author(s): 30 August 2023

Meet the EuPRA Board Members: Iiris Niemelä

Iiris NiemeläIiris Niemelä was nominated as the secretary of EuPRA in June 2022. She holds an MA in Peace, Mediation, and Conflict Research from Tampere University, Finland. Currently, she works in the Asia team at CMI - Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation. She also has experience working at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and doing financial crime investigation for a Finnish bank. As a member of A Common Word Among The Youth (ACWAY), she is particularly interested in studying youth inclusivity in decision making. She enjoys music in various ways during her free time, especially when playing the piano and dancing.



In January 2023 EuPRA Board Member Anush Petrosyan joined the consultative meeting of the Council of Europe that brought together practitioners, researchers and experts to exchange experiences about key contents and approaches to peacebuilding and conflict transformation in the intercultural youth activities. 

Anush emphasized the importance to work for peace when the world seems to get more and more violent every day. In her suggestions for intercultural youth activities Anush recommended to add peace research in the toolbox of addressing engagement of youth in peace activities. Research is empowering, especially ethnographic research that informs about realities in people's worlds. Adding peace research as part of youthwork and youth empowerment when it comes to peacebuilding and conflict transformation strengthens trust in the process and transforms results of research-based practices.

consultative meeting of the Council of Europe

In March 2023 EuPRA Board Member Anush Petrosyan joined the EU4Dialogue Component 1 Women's Platform for Agenda Setting (WPFAS) in Brussels as a junior non-key expert. 

WPFAS brings together women from across the South Caucasus region and the Republic of Moldova to discuss issues of mutual interest to help “increase women’s leadership and participation in all policy-making decisions and processes in all areas related to peace and security” in line with the EU‘s Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women‘s Empowerment in External Action 2021–2025 (GAP III). 

The topics and the recommendations presented during the first WPFAS Conference in Brussels, Belgium, 20-24 March 2023 have been identified and developed by the participants, addressing: 

  1. Women’s participation 
  2. Women and digitalisation 
  3. Inclusive education
  4. Regional cooperation
  5. Climate change, water & energy

Each group is regionally balanced and includes civil society activists, academics, and sectoral specialists from different age groups.

New Publication by TAPRI colleagues

Institute for Peace and Development Event, Basel, Switzerland

On behalf of Institute for Peace & Dialogue, we would like to inform you about the next Summer Programs which will be held in Basel, Switzerland.

Applicants can choose between the 13th Summer Academy and the 3-Month Research Program which may be combined with the 13th Summer Academy participation depending on the applicants` desire and filled application.

Participants will have access to expert knowledge and hands-on experience as all our facilitators are specialists with years of experience academically and professionally in their respective fields. This is truly a great opportunity not to be missed to get or refresh the knowledge, skills and create new worldwide friendship and networks.

We would appreciate if you could forward upcoming Summer Program call to your interested colleagues and friends.

The summer programs call is also available online.

13 Days Summer Academy Class Topics

Ms. Hoenig Gundhild Class Days: 8 & 9 August, 2023

  • Day 1 Topic: Effective conflict intervention through Conflict-Coaching and Mediation across Cultures
  • Day 2 Topic: Diversity and Inclusion - intention and approach across cultures and faiths

Doc. Dr. Alexander Weisner Class Days: 10 & 11 August, 2023

  • Day 1 Topic: Conflict Analysis Tools and Techniques
  • Day 2 Topic: Planning of Intervention in Conflicts

Ms. Sibylle Rupprecht Class Days: 14 & 15 August, 2023

  • Day 1 Topic: Ethical Leadership - the great reset after the pandemic and vector of peace
  • Day 2 Topic: Advocacy & Communication Including practical exercises

Prof. Alicia Cabezudo Class Days: 16 & 17 August, 2023

  • Day 1 Topic: Culture of peace and conflict transformation building
  • Day 2 Topic: Interpersonal dialogue and cross-cultural negotiations

Mr. Marc Finaud Class Days: 18 & 19 August, 2023

  • Day 1 Topic: Conflict mapping and security policy prioritization (with exercise
  • Day 2 Topic: Communication and chairing skills (with exercise

Participation Fee Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Two Meals per Day (Breakfast & Lunch expenses included in the fee)
  • Course & Stationary Materials (Badge, File, Notebook and Pen)
  • Free WiFi
  • Program Fee
  • Certificate
  • Cables and adapters
  • 2 times Coffee-Tea breaks per class days
  • Invitation Letter
  • Free BASELCARD for whose paid for Accommodation for whole training period which includes

Scholarship & Discount

  • 10% discount for Alumni of IPD programs
  • 10% discount for paying together with group of participants (More than 2 person)
  • 10% discount for Annual ProPeace Members (For Registration please visit 

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or via LinkedIn.

IAMCR Peace Fellowships

International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) wants to support the creation of collaborative contact zones, with modest means at its disposal. By establishing IAMCR peace fellowships, IAMCR will facilitate the collaboration of pairs of individual scholars, who are based in, or strongly connected to, two regions or communities that are currently engaged, or recently have been engaged, in an antagonistic conflict. 

The call for applications is open until 01 September 2023. You may find more information about IAMCR Peace Fellowships here

Book on former friend, colleague and member of EuPRA, Dr Steve Wright 

Steve WrightFor five decades, Steve Wright made dedicated academic and applied contributions exposing the military-industrial complex and global intelligence apparatus, with his activities also exploring and expanding the broader field of peace and nonviolence. Steve was an exemplary teacher, inspiring and illuminating his students, colleagues and friends.

Steve Wright: A Spy for Peace includes reflections on Steve by some of those who he worked and built friendships with, providing a glimpse of his wide influence. The second part provides a selection of Steve’s own writings from an impressive corpus, which covered academic, media, policy and NGO work.

By compiling Steve Wright: A Spy for Peace, an introduction is provided to those unfamiliar with Steve’s work, and a departure point provided for anybody wishing to gain theoretical and practical inspiration from Steve’s lifetime of endeavours.

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