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Displaying 22 Peace organisations and institutions throughout Europe. If you want to have an organisation added, do contact us!


Austrian Centre for Peace

The Austrian Centre for Peace (ACP) was founded in 1982 by Dr Gerald Mader and other like-minded people. We are located at Schlaining Castle in Southern Burgenland, with a second office in Vienna, the nation’s capital. Our work has earned us the status of UN “Peace Messenger” and a UNESCO “Prize for Peace Education”. The ACP is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan organisation. It is engaged in research, education/training and practical conflict transformation. 


European Institute of Peace

The European Institute of Peace designs and delivers sustainable peace processes and agreements. We provide practical experience, technical expertise and policy advice on conflict resolution. Based in Brussels and active in over a dozen countries, we combine the operational flexibility of an independent organisation with the diplomatic reach associated with our board and our proximity to the European Union. Our vision is a world where people live in safety and peace because conflicts and grievances are resolved through inclusive dialogue and lasting political agreements. We live in increasingly complex times, marked by demographic shifts, emerging sources of political power, technological innovation, climate change and growing inequality. More coherent and sustainable approaches to conflict resolution and prevention are needed. The EU and European actors have a vital contribution to make, drawing upon their global reach, political and economic heft and commitment to human rights. The European Institute of Peace is uniquely placed to increase understanding of conflict resolution, and to increase the ability to respond effectively.

Flemish Peace Institute

In 2004, the Flemish Peace Institute was established as a paraparliamentary organisation within the Flemish Parliament. On the initiative of the members of the Sub-commission on Arms Trade, the decree establishing the Flemish Institute for Peace and Prevention of Violence was adopted with a large majority of votes by the plenary session of Parliament on 5 May 2004. The decree determines the four tasks of the Institute. For its operation, the Peace Institute receives a working allowance from the Flemish Parliament.

Vredesactie Belgie

Vredesactie (Peace Action) is a pluralist peace movement that radically pleads for a society in which conflicts are resolved without violence or the threats of it. Vredesactie  is an engine for the development of nonviolent action and the implementation of a pacifist peace policy.


Peace Research Center Prague

Peace Research Center Prague is an interdisciplinary Center of Excellence, funded by Charles University. Their common analytical and normative focus is on the prevention, management, and transformation of conflicts in world politics. Their mission is: advancing theoretical and empirical knowledge in peace and conflict studies; building a permanent platform for collaborative interdisciplinary research; providing an opportunity for junior scholars to develop their academic career.


CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation

CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation is an independent Finnish organisation that works to prevent and resolve conflicts through dialogue and mediation. Founded in 2000 by Nobel Peace Laureate and former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari, we have since grown to be a leader in the field of international peacemaking.


The Peace Union of Finland is an umbrella organisation for several Finnish Peace associations. We work with a whole range of peace and disarmament issues by lobbying and advocating for Finnish Government and The European Union of peace policies. We offer peace education at our Peace School programme. We also maintain the Peace Station, a centre for peace activism and advocacy in Helsinki. The Peace Union of Finland is a member of the International Peace Bureau (IPB). We work with several international campaigns and follow a number of arms control and disarmament issues.

Tampere Peace Research Institute

The Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI), is a multidisciplinary and international research centre whose mission is to conduct high quality research on the causes of war, on non-violent resolution of conflicts, and on conditions for peace. In accordance with the present research agenda, the focus of TAPRI’s research is peaceful change.


Berghof Foundation

The Berghof Foundation is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation supporting people in conflict in their efforts to achieve sustainable peace through conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies

As an independent, non-profit organization, BICC (Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies) deals with a wide range of global topics in the field of peace and conflict research. Our vision is a more peaceful world. Our mission is to conduct critical, problem-oriented, policy relevant research in response to the problems posed by organized violence. To do so, we engage in active exchanges with scholars and politicians as well as stakeholders in everyday practice and civil society. As a think tank, BICC seeks to engage in a dialogue with NGOs, governments, private organizations, research institutes and universities and well as with interested individuals.